Chartered Quantity Surveyors

We are renowned for our expertise in project cost planning and meticulous project cost monitoring.

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To do the right thing the right way

We want to be recognized as leaders in “doing it right” in the quantity surveying industry.

Clients value us because they know we are the gold standard in quality and consistency, and that we refuse to sacrifice our standards for growth. They appreciate our responsiveness, always being at the end of the phone when they need us. Both lenders and developers recognize our deep understanding of their needs and our objective, balanced perspective. Our frank and direct approach allows them to make informed decisions and run their businesses with confidence.

Our mission is to help real estate lenders, developers, and public works organizations ensure their development projects succeed financially. We do this by monitoring the flow of capital, ensuring budgets are appropriate and properly spent so that objectives are met, including profitability objectives where relevant. We achieve this with a rigorous commitment to quality, consistency, and an unparalleled level of candor, allowing all parties to make informed and effective decisions.

Message from Founder

Glynn Group Incorporated (GGI) was founded with the aim of meeting the needs of our inaugural client, a principle that remains integral to our business philosophy today. Since 1999, we have remained committed to providing our valued clients with services characterized by quality, control, and consistency.

We are recognized by every major construction lender in Ontario and aim to set the industry standard for high-quality service. We have long-standing, deep-rooted relationships within the lending community, based on a solid reputation earned over several decades.

GGI is proud of the journey that has brought us to where we are today, and we’re excited about what the future holds for us all. Please feel free to reach out; we’re here to assist you with your next project.

Martin Glynn, Founder of Glynn Group